• Self-Taught Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Born in Atlanta, Ga

  • Raised by the 90's

  • Now Available for YOU!



I work in a range of creative areas. If you have a creative project, odds are ACarterFormation has the skills and the passion to successfully solve your needs. 

I specialize in blending creativity and simplicity to deliver graphics that maintain a strong balance between personality and functionality. I enjoy putting heart and soul into my work with a clean, contemporary, sophisticated look while maintaining a creative edge.


No two projects are ever the same..Well, there's always a start and a finish but it's not a linear path. In between there are conversations. And in those conversations we'll solve your design problem. TOGETHER.

Hello, my name is AnnVelyn Carter (AnnVie) and

I am the founder of ACarterFormation.

Email: acarterformation@yahoo.com
Hours: Mon-Fri | 9:30am-6pm EST